RIVAS – Vibrations: Ways out of the Annoyance

A summary of outcomes

Please find the final brochure of the RIVAS project under Results and Publications.


“Vibration – Ways out of the annoyance”, was held in Brussels, on 21 November 2013

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Results and Publications


Public deliverables will be available on this page along with the progress of RIVAS project. Please check regulary for the latest information.

Del. 5.5 - Guideline for Design of vehicles generating reduced ground vibration (Dec 2013)

Del. 5.4 - Optimised mitigation measures and their parameters (Feb 2013)

Del. 5.1 - Train Induced Ground Vibration – Influence of Rolling Stock, State-of-the-Art Survey (Sept 2011)

Del. 4.6 - Design guide and technology assessment of the transmission mitigation measures (Dec 2013)

Del. 4.1 - Report defining scope and constraints of numerical parametric study

Del. 3.13 - Guidelines for mitigation measures on ballasted track, curves, switches and slab track (Dec 2013)

Del. 3.12 - Ground Vibration from switches - numerical and experimental tests for identification of the main influencing sources and factors (Dec 2013)

Del. 3.8 - Measurement report about a new undersleeper test track in a curve (Dec 2013)

Del. 3.7 - Results of laboratory tests for ballasted track mitigation measures Part (Dec 2013)

Del. 3.6 - Description of the vibration generation mechanism of switches and the development of cost effective (March 2013)

Del. 3.5 - Mitigation measures installed on commercial track (Nov 2013)

Del. 3.3 - Results of the parameter studies and prioritization for prototype construction for slab track (May 2012)

Del. 3.2 - Results of the Parameter Studies and Prioritization for Prototype Construction for Ballasted Track (Feb 2012)

Del. 3.1 - State of the Art Review of Mitigation Measures on Track (Sept 2011)

Del. 2.9 - Validation of wheel maintenance measures on the rolling stock for reduced excitation of ground vibration (Dec 2013)

Del. 2.7 - Definition of wheel maintenance measures for reducing ground Vibration (Dec 2013)

Del. 2.5 - Overview of Methods for Measurement of Track Irregularities Important for Ground-Borne Vibration (July 2013)

Del. 1.12 - Vibration reduction for reference cases (Dec 2013)

Del. 1.11 - Report of benchmark test for soil properties, including recommendations for standards and guidelines (Dec 2013)

Del. 1.10 - Description of test procedures based on laboratory tests and field tests including validation (Dec 2013)

Del. 1.9 - Report giving the decrease of exposure and annoyance associated with each mitigation measure developed in WP2 to 5 for typical ground/building configurations (Dec 2013)

Del. 1.8 - Final report on the reference track design for vibration characterization of vehicles, includind draft measurement guideline for vehicle homologation (Dec 2013)

Del. 1.7 - Relevant parameters for a reference test track (Aug 2012)

Del. 1.6 - Definition of appropriate procedures to predict exposure in buildings and estimate annoyance (Aug 2012)

Del. 1.5 - Definition of reference cases typical for hot-spots in Europe with existing vibration problems (March 2012)

Del. 1.4 - Review of existing standards, regulations and guidelines, as well as laboratory and field studies concerning human exposure to vibration (Jan 2012)

Del. 1.2 Annex - Measurement protocol for parameters influencing mitigation effects (Aug 2012)

Del. 1.2 - Protocol for free field measurement of mitigation effects in the project RIVAS for WP2,3,4,5 (Oct 2011)

Del. 1.1 - Report with a description of test procedures for the determination of the dynamic soil characteristics (Dec 2011)


Article in "European Railway Review" (Volume 17, issue 6, 2011)
This article “Being a good neighbour – reducing vibrations near railway lines” gives a good overview about the European collaborative rail research project RIVAS and its background.